Way2SMS Social exchange is a powerful platform for advertisers

How it works

Create a Conversationally relevant text ad that millions of our users can share with their friends via facebook, twitter, orkut and linkedin. We track every click that you receive.Pay only for Valid Clicks. Start with very economical CPC and budget as little as rs.2000 onwards.

Why should you use social exchange

  • 20 million social publishers readily available to promote your brand to their friends through facebook, twitter orkut and linked
  • Reach 600 million massive Internet users in short span of time
    Social ads are social conversations. Social conversations are highly influential.
  • Social publishers spread your message to every corner as we reward them with free recharge for every click they generate.
  • word of mouth advertising builds trust on your brand or product
  • Conversationally relevant ads are always viral.

What can be done via social exchange

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • generate leads to your service
  • Sell products online
  • Build facebook fans or twitter followers
  • Create buzz about your product or service
  • conduct surveys

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